Consider wearing gloves as a precaution, also, remember to wash your hands before and after making a trip • Select credit card as the payment method. Thus, you will not need to handle cash, as it is a common source of infection. Avoid all kinds of direct physical contact, including handshaking.

All Trips and Services you can pay with cash or credit card associated with your passenger account. We recommend paying by credit card, so that you do not unnecessarily expose yourself to cash transactions to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 virus (Coronavirus). Remember that, in case the payment is in cash, it must be made by the person requesting the Taxi App Pro service.


Driver's LICENSE (Front and back photo) AUTHORIZATION OF THE ATU for Taxi RECEIPT of Water or Electricity from your Current Address CERTIFICATE of Criminal Record (cape.pj.gob.pe) CERTIFICATE of Police Record Digital SOAT Printed (Vehicle 12 years old or less) SELFIE PHOTO with your Driver's License CAR REQUIREMENTS: OWNERSHIP CARD TECHNICAL REVIEW For More Information Call 01-111-111